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We are looking for a UI Artist who can grow with our studio and who is comfortable working in a creative, demanding, and fun environment.

Pixel Mafia is a digital art studio focused on creating art for blockbuster video games developed by some of the largest publishers in the world.

The UI Artist oversees the creation of visuals and behaviors of the game UI and Menus and all functions related to the game. The position is about finding problems to solutions in a pragmatic and creative way, with emphasis on visual quality, technicality, attention to detail, and inter-disciplinary collaboration.


  • Design and create AAA quality UI graphics, in line with the game’s Art direction, and gameplay intentions. 
  • Promote good UI/UX methodology within the project. 
  • Propose innovative and creative but above all functional and ergonomic visual dressing concepts while respecting the imposed codes and the artistic direction.  
  • Create optimized vector and raster assets for the digital products ranging from menus, buttons, backgrounds, icons, and other game features while maintaining a consistent visual aesthetic 
  • Participate in the ideation process by providing UI mockups, sketches, concepts, and suggestions for various game features (Menu, HUD, Inventory, Character screens, etc.) 
  • Collaborate closely with fellow artists, Art Directors, UI Artists, and UI Engineers, and other roles in the team to shape the game into the final product 


  • Hands-on experience contributing to a feature, game, product launch, or any related digital products through the craft of visual design. 
  • Knowledge of Photoshop, and Illustrator 
  • Familiarity with Unity, Unreal, or relevant game engine is a plus 
  • Experience in a secondary area such as motion graphics, illustration, animation, or modeling is a plus 
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